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The Ultimate South African Road Trip

Breath-taking Southern Africa Wildlife Motorcycle Tour 

Get ready to have your breath taken away as you explore South Africa in a motorbike tour like never before! This trip lets you experience a world of its own as you visit some of the most stunning scenery and places in South Africa. witnessing sights of vast savannas, great mountains and valleys, azure beaches and falls, and an insane viewpoint of the earth so overwhelming, you will never look at it the same way again. Discover the wilderness and culture that defines the country and ride through some absolutely stunning scenery visiting National Parks and wildlife rehabilitation centres. This will be a once in a lifetime experience and will be one heck of a ride. Riders who have done trips like this anywhere around the world say that they are life altering and all agree it was the best money they have ever spent and all for great causes. This will be the ultimate adventure expedition for riders who want to do that something extra with a purpose. Important requirements will be mental strength and the resilience to overcome setbacks. It will undoubtedly have some challenges along the way, from bad roads, diverse and possibly changing weather, to digestive distress (usually from unfamiliar food) to some fatigue.

Key information

Important notes:

– The aim is for each leg to take six hours or less to drive from one stop to the next. This will depend on rider’s ability and road works etc.

– Accommodation - a wide variety of accommodation from camping to five-star hotels in most places.

– While we’re trying to keep the activities and attractions to those that are not likely to disappear anytime soon, it is possible that certain places mentioned could close down

Bike: TBA

Terrain: 62% tar, 38% off-road (some extreme but mainly packed gravel)

Mileage: +/- 6,967 km / 3,215 miles

Daily rides: 200 to 350 kilometres / 125 to 210 miles

Estimated duration: +/- 30 days.

Skill level(s) required for this tour: Intermediate, can ride for 4-5 hours with average riding experience. Whilst the route has be planned for all consequences therefore minimal assistance will be required, (we will have a support unit) the route could be arduous with unsurfaced roads, some very extreme therefore experience would be beneficial as is confidence.

Proposed Date: Spring and Autumn are a good compromise for travelling in SA – we doing our road trip around South Africa from late April to late May 2026, a time known in the South African tourism industry as ‘secret season’, with great weather and not too many people on the roads.

- there is little rain about, with great temperatures, around (25°C).


Kruger National Park - Clarens - Golden Gate Highlands National Park - Sani Pass - Addo Elephant National Park - Tsitsikamma National Park - Cape Town, South Africa; Lesotho


Need to know:

Ensure that you are both physically and mentally well prepared. Fuel can be bought in most towns, but we will carry a small contingent of spare fuel. Planning, personal hygiene and good personal housekeeping is essential. It is easy to buy data top-ups for your phone and so on. We recommend carrying extra biscuits, sweets, for your own consumption but great as gifts for people you meet along the route.

Eat and drink

Stock up on supplies in towns as village shops often sell only biscuits, fizzy drinks and (usually) water. Buy unsweetened doughnuts (vetkoek) at the side of the road in. Most Spar supermarkets have a water machine that recycles wastewater – it’s cheaper to fill up from these than buying bottled water (it’s safe to drink and also environmentally friendlier). Or fill up at taps in service stations. They took water purification tablets but never used them, preferring to use common sense. Ask local people where to get food; often they’ll take you to someone who will cook a meal for you. This will cost around R25 to R90 in rural areas, more in towns but under R150 a meal. is also great for finding food stops.

What will it costs

Their average daily budget was R130 each (less some days or more when they stayed in guest houses due to rain or needing a rest). The entire trip cost is yet to be confirmed but will be if we possibly can, be all inclusive excluding flights (we're working on that as well).

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