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Whats the Plan

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  1. To attempt to raise at least £10,000 to be divided between 4 chosen charities

  2. To personally visit 100 Zoos, Animal Sanctuaries and National Parks throughout the UK (between 2022 and 2025).

  3. To hopefull walk the length of the Kruger National Park if we can arrange it

  4. To ride around South Africa (approx 3500km) visiting some iconic national parks and rehabilitation centres in 2026 ending up at the world reknowned Kruger National Park on 31st May 2026 (It's 100th Anniversary*)


  1. In person

  2. By foot or motorcycle

  3. Within timeframe constraints

Verification. (Proof of challenge completion).

  1. Photographic and certified evidendence of participation and completion


Dream it.

It begins with a madcap idea, then turns into reality. I have for many years since working in conservation wanted to do more. But what!!!

I love wildlife, photography, motorcycling, and adventure so why couldn’t I combine the lot and do something useful at the same time. Low and behold here I am, with a nutty idea that’s about to become a reality…… epic tour with an objective, something that’s educational and ultimately for a finite result

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Build it.

What could I do that encapsulated all the ideas into one objective. Tell the world, get the masses to spread the word and involve as many people as I can. Well that’s the plan and what I’m ging to do.

Its the way I’m going to tell my story, by visiting 100 zoo’s, wildlife rehab centres and national parks all over the UK, then going to Southern Africa to do something similar. Learning what they all do for the bigger picture, showing how its all intrinsically linked by taking photos and video clips to put here online for others to enjoy culminating in allowing my small gesture to ultimately help make a difference.


Grow it.

We can all get involved….

So what are you waiting for:

  • Join in

  • Donate

  • Support

  • Sponsor

Whatever it is, it can and will help.


Sell it.

So here is the sales pitch.

None of us live under a rock anymore, we are all to aware of what’s happening in the world, be it climate, habitat, wildlife extinction, human suffering or health. One might suggest that the world has never been better, generally we all live longer and healthier, science and medicine along with technology has moved so far forward its beyond comprehension. Sadly though, whilst this is all wonderful and continues to benefit us endlessly, there are still cruel and incurable deceases, human greed increases and the planet, nature and all its inhabitants still suffer. I know I can’t change the course of the world, what I can do is help. This is my way and I hope that you will join me in my endeavour


Do it.

It will begin in March 2022 and will culminate in May/June 2026.

This isn’t going to be a one off event but a four year journey that I’d like to share and grow as we hopefully travel together.

Share it.

I appeal to anyone reading this to help me help others.

Please spread the word, get involved or just follow the adventure. I hope it will be inspiring, educating, and ultimately rewarding.

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