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Ready to take the next step?

This is a huge challenge. Whether you’re most comfortable contributing a donation to help my chosen charities, offering some support in other ways or better still, actually joining me in the pursuit of the challenge its self. Ultimately, every little bit of support in whatever form will be appreciated.

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Join Us

If you crave a new experience or want to push yourself to the limit, then why not undertake all or one of our events and challenges.

Come on the ride-out, (don't worry we'll sort all the logistic's) visiting zoos and wildlife parks, stopping and passing through places of natural beauty and interest.

All you need is a motorbike, suitable attire and the will to do something different meanwhile hopefully raising a bit of money for a good cause


Become one of our corporate partners and help us make all this possible

We think our efforts could go even further with the help of your sponsorship. 

In this role, your business could provide a service, equipment or a donation amount, and in turn we will promote your company as one of our official challenge sponsors. 


Sponsorship from you helps us and we in return offer your business exposure, some low-cost marketing


Alternatively, your team / staff could join us as a participant or support role as our sponsor.


A donation to the Kruger 100 Charity Challenge will help ensure that every endangered species and their habitat are protected. And that we can also get a better understanding of two diseases that need more research. Not just for today, but for tomorrow and for generations to come. Your support will help take action on the ground


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