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General Terms and Conditions:

By entering this website, you agree to all of the terms and conditions as set out below.

The Kruger 100 Charity Challenge (“Kruger100”, “K100”) is a non-profit fundraising organisation based at  Norman Court, Norman Court Lane, Upper Clatford Hampshire, UK.

Intellectual property Rights

This website is published by The Kruger 100 Charity Challenge and is protected by copyright and other intellectual property rights in existence at any time throughout the world. All website design, text, graphics, the typographical arrangement thereof, and all other material on this website is copyright of The Kruger 100, their associates and their service and technology providers.

Any other use of materials on this website, including reproduction without the prior written permission of The Kruger 100 operators is prohibited.

The trademarks, logos and service marks shown on this website, unless otherwise specified, are the trademarks of the Kruger 100 Charity Challenge or its associates. No rights are granted to use any of them in any manner whatsoever without written permission.

Any infringement of the organisations rights will result in appropriate legal action being taken against you.

Product Specification:

The specifications contained in this website are for information purposes only as we cannot confirm the exact specifications. If you require any specific feature you must consult your Motlhose supplier who is regularly updated with any change in specification.

Please check availability and full specification details with your supplier prior to ordering. Neither the Kruger 100 nor their suppliers can accept contractual responsibility for your reliance on the information contained herein.

Some illustrations in this website do not necessarily reflect UK specifications and may not be available. Consequently, some items are marketed differently for the UK.

The Kruger 100 has tried its hardest to illustrate the full specifications you may have requested but, unfortunately, at times, you may find the product and details you have selected are no longer available. The Kruger 100 will try to comply with any requests you may have but please be aware that these pictures are for illustrative purposes only. 


All prices quoted in this website are recommended retail prices and may vary from time to time. Our site can contain a large number of products and it is always possible that, despite our best efforts, some of the products listed may be incorrectly priced. Always finalise prices when you check out.

We may change RRPs at any time (this includes where there are government changes in regulation and/or legislation). There may be a delay to any RRP displaying correctly on our materials.

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